30 Nov

Brand Activation Event

Brand Activation Event conducts Brand Activation campaigns of various brands as per their requirements. It is a part of Media branding course offered at CMA. The students of CMA plan this event as a part of their final project. Students are responsible for doing all the marketing, designing creative elements,…
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20 Sep

Trip to Kund Malir Beach

The wonderful trip was arranged by CMA- Sports Society for interested students. It was one day trip to Kund Malir beach, students departed from the campus at 5:30 am and returned back home at 10:00 pm.
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21 Aug

CMA-Alumni Dinner ’17

Whether it was five days or five years ago, the day you got your degree was probably the last time you thought about what your university could do for you. But, not so fast . We are always delighted to invite our alumni for a reunion after every 4 years.…
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15 Apr

Larri Adda – Annual event 2017

Each year , the students of CMA host an annual event held near March 23rd. We handle every aspect of the event from art direction, scripting, theatrical performances, to sound , lighting, videography,photography, and marketing. Its a chance to put pre, during and post event theories into practice. This year…
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