23 Oct

Colour Day- 2019

Each year CMA likes to celebrate color day where all the students dress up in the same colour. This year we chose the colour Black.
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26 Sep

CMA Plantation Drive

PAF-KIET, College of Media & Arts performed its duty in the mission to make Karachi green because trees play an essential role in the environment; these incredible organisms provide oxygen and limit carbon in the atmosphere. . PAF-KIET, CMA students along with Maha Irshad sheikh (Vice President of FPCCI Standing…
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20 Apr

Educational Trip to Mohatta Palace

Known for his monumentally scaled minimalist Modern paintings and equally astute marketing and design work, Pakistani artist Imran Mir (1950-2014) blurred the boundaries between art and design throughout his career. A major exhibition of his paintings and sculptures, featuring more than fifty works that span the artist’s four-decade long career…
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15 Apr

LOLLYPOP- Annual Event 2018

The annual event of 2018 stole the show with its catchy theme that was inspired by old school Lollywood and Pop Art, giving rise to a memorable get-together called LOLLYPOP. Funky colours and art, desi moves, nawa-aya-ey-sohniyo-attire and a lot of mustaches- Yes, this is what LOLLYPOP looked like. A…
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