17 Feb

CMA Masterchef

CMA Masterchef is a part of our annual sports week. Various teams participate in it and go through eliminations till a winner emerges. The dishes are judged by our faculty and for the final various celebrity Chefs are invited. In our last Masterchef, Chef Amir Iqbal, Chef Jalal Haider and…
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21 Feb

Weapon handling & safety workshop

  1 day Weapon handling & Safety workshop arranged specially for a batch of CMA students by a United Nations Professional Fire Arm Certified Instructor at Pakistan Navy Shooting Range. All legal, registered and licensed weapons used.
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22 Mar


On the 10th anniversary of College of Media and Arts the students organised an event naming it DECADE. The evening celebrated  CMA’s journey with the faculty and students. It was a reunion for the CMA family and an evening to reminisce about those lovely years
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5 Jan

Judging School Poster Competition

CMA student Ramsha Iftikhar accompanied the CMA Director, Mr. Jamshed Butt to a school as a jury member of a poster competition. The children painted posters by hand on various topics and were confident about displaying their artwork.
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5 Jan

Student of the Year Award

Someone with a positive attitude to peers, staff and school community in general. Good application to work, staunch and principled in pursuit of their goals. Someone who displays good leadership qualities, values others and an inspiration to peers.
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5 Jan


Each year, PAF-KIET College of Media & Arts invites a host of professionals from various fields to rate the students’ projects. This year, as per tradition, numerous renowned professionals visited the campus and viewed the students’ work. They appreciated the students’ efforts and gave excellent critique on the videos, animations,…
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