1 Year Post Graduate Degree in Media & Arts

The Post Graduate Diploma in Media & Arts is part of an articulated program in media arts and production that includes, graphic design, moving image, sound, digital media and interaction, and the interplay among these media.
This course aims to provide students with core skills in moving image, digital media or sound production; expertise in one area of media arts and production; a capacity to think creatively and critically about, and contribute to, developments within the media industries; an awareness of industry practices in print & electronic media production; the capacity to develop and critically revise their own work; and project management skills in the context of a media project.

PGD 1 Year

Semester I
Digital Drawing-1Media & Art
Story BoardingMedia & Art
Still Life DrawingMedia & Art
Media MarketingMedia & Art
Non-Linear EditingMedia & Art
Semester II
Printing ProcedureMedia & Art
Digital Image ManipulationMedia & Art
2D Animation for Digital MediaMedia & Art
Digital Movie MakingMedia & Art
Screenplay & Script WritingMedia & Art

Curriculum Structure

Total No. of CoursesCr Hr