18 Jun

Masters in Computer Arts

MCA Program (For 2 year Bachelor Degree – BA, BSc., B.Com etc)

The Masters in Computer Arts (MCA) program is designed for media and communications business professionals who seek to build expertise in managing a business as well as understanding new concepts in communication design.

You will have the opportunity to customize your course of study (through personalized counselling and advice), choosing from a variety of topics that suit your interests and personal development goals.

The MCA program curriculum covers subjects ranging from entrepreneurial thinking and executive leadership to managing the media mix, managerial strategies, branding, and analysis of innovative technologies.

Year 1

Semester I
MM501Media Marketing
ADE501Adv. Color Theory
ADE502Adv. Basic Design
AFA501Mix Media Drawing & Painting
ACA501Digital Drawing & Illustration-1
Semester II
ASSC501Adv. Psychology
MM502Media Advertising
ACA501Electronically Enhanced imaging
ADE503Adv. Packaging
AAR501Adv. Story Boarding
ADE504Adv. Typography

Year 2

Semester III
MM601Media Branding
AAR601Adv. Printing Procedure
ACA502Adv. Digital Photography
MM602Introduction to animation
ACA503Adv. Non- Linear Editing
ADE601Adv. Advertising Design
Semester IV
ASSC601Adv. Media Ethics
AMM601Adv. Research & Media Planning
ATF501Adv. Screenplay & Script writing
AMM602Adv. Digital Movie Making
ACA504Adv. Video for Visual Effects
ADE402Adv. Media Concepts

Year 3

Semester V
ACA701Digital Media Communication

Curriculum Structure

AreaCr HrAreaCr Hr
Advance Fine Arts (FA)3Advance Computer Arts (ACA)15
Multimedia (MM)12Advance Multimedia (AMM)6
Advance Design (ADE)18Advance Social Sciences (ASSC)6
Communication (COM)3Computer Art (CA)3
Advance TV & Film (ATF)3Elective3
Advance Arts (AAR)6Project6

Degree Structure

Duration2 Year +
Projects6 Credit Hours
Course Cr. Hrs.84
EligibilityGraduate with 2nd Div. minimum