Bachelors in TV & Film

The Bachelors in TV & Film (BTF) is a four-year degree program that is offered at PAF-KIET City Campus in the morning shift. This program meets the HEC and international standards for full-length four-year bachelor’s degree.

The BTF degree aims at providing students a skill set to take on new challenges and practice the principles of:

  • Media Management
  • Direction & Production
  • Media Journalism

The first two years (freshman and sophomore) are focused on providing a basic understanding of all these areas after which students are acquainted enough to choose a major (specialization) from these four areas. If their academic record is permitting, students can also opt for bi-majors.

Eligibility: Intermediate 2nd Div. or equivalent A-level

Year 1

Semester I
AR101History of Design
DE1012ABasic Design
FA101Still Life Drawing
CA101Digital Drawing & Illustration-1
DE102Color Theory
Semester II
FA102Figure Drawing
SSC101Media Psychology
CA102Digital Drawing & Illustration-2
MKT201Media Marketing
DE103Packaging Graphics

Year 2

Semester III
MKT414Media Advertising
AR201Story Boarding
MM201Introduction to Animation & Multimedia
CA201Digital Image Manipulation
COM103Oral Communication (Speech)
Semester IV
MM202Music Production
DE202Advertising Designs
AR202Printing Procedure
MKT406Media Branding
CA202Digital Photography
CA2032D Animation for Digital Media

Year 3

Semester V
CA303Non-linear Editing
MM301Research & Media Planning
TF301Lighting the Sets
TF302Screenplay & Script Writing
TF303Camera & Space
TF304History of TV & Film
Semester VI
MM302Digital Movie Making
DE303Advance Media Concepts-2
TF305Directing Actors for TV & Film
SSC302Media Ethics
SSC301Pakistan & Islamic Studies

Year 4

Semester VII
CA401Video for Visual Effects
CA3013D Modeling & Animation Techniques
IPTD313Project-1 (Mini Thesis)
Semester VIII
IPTD407Internship - 1

Curriculum Structure

AreaCr HrAreaCr Hr
Computer Art (CA)24Marketing (MKT)9
TV & Film (TF)15Communication (COM)9
Design (DE)18Arts9
Fine Art (FA)6Electives12
Multimedia (MM)15Internship3
Social Sciences (SSC)9Projects6

Degree Structure

Duration4 Years
Course Cr. Hrs.135
EligibilityIntermediate 2nd Division,A levels or equivalent