Bachelors in Fine Arts

The Bachelors in Fine Arts (BFA) is a four-year degree program that is offered at PAF-KIET City Campus in the morning shift. This program meets the HEC and international standards for full-length four-year bachelor’s degree.

The BFA degree aims at providing students a skill set to take on new challenges and practice the principles of:

  • Drawing & Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Print Making

The first two years (freshman and sophomore) are focused on providing a basic understanding of all these areas after which students are acquainted enough to choose a major (specialization) from these four areas. If their academic record is permitting, students can also opt for bi-majors.

Eligibility: Intermediate 2nd Div. or equivalent A-level

Year 1

AR101History of Design
DE101Basic Design
FA101Still Life Drawing
CA101Digital Drawing & Illustration-1
DE102Color Theory
FA102Figure Drawing
FA103Introduction to Sculpture
CA102Digital Drawing & Illustration-2
MKT201Media Marketing
DE103Packaging Graphics

Year 2

AR201Muslim Art & Culture
AR202Study of Visual Art Forms
FA202Introduction to Painting
FA202Sculpture in Clay
FA204Print Making
TE201Photography in Art Design
FA206Mixed Media and One Stroke Painting
FA207Relief Printing (Monotype and Color)
FA208Wood & Stone Carving

Year 3

AR301Art Critic
COM103Oral Communication
FA302Advance Figure Drawing
FA303Landscape Painting in Acrylic/Oil/td>
FA304Caramic Sculpture
FA305Printing (Etching)
AR302Art & Culture Studies
FA307Abstract & Impressionist Painting
FA308Mould Making
FA309Print Making (Lino)

Year 4

CA401Study of Arts in New Media
CA402Portrait Painting
ELEPrint Making (Screen)
ELEElective- 1
IPTD313Elective- 2
IPTD407Internship - 1
FA408Live-size Figure Modeling

Curriculum Structure

AreaCr HrAreaCr Hr
Fine Art (FA)66Arts (AR)18
Design (DE)12Social Sciences3
Computer Art (CA)6Electives12
Marketing (MKT)3Internship3
Communication (COM)9Projects3
Marketing (MKT)9

Degree Structure

Duration4 Years
Course Cr. Hrs.135
EligibilityIntermediate 2nd Division, A levels or equivalent