Certification in Creative Art and Design

Creative Art and Design is the art or creative process of visual communication that combines images, words, ideas, to convey information to an audience. A creative designer is responsible for organizing and using elements belonging to different types of media. Main instruments used for the act of creation include images and typography

Certification in Digital Photography

This course is meant to help you master your digital camera so you can begin to shoot and capture higher quality images of the people and places around you. You will complete a series of photo projects that will help you practice the skills you are learning. By the time you finish, you will have the skills and know-how to take professional-quality photographs..

Certification in Digital Film Making 

This program exposes students to the many exciting possible career paths within film making. Through hands-on instruction, students develop an understanding of the essential concepts, techniques, and technology of digital film making, culminating in the creation of their own short film.

Certification in Animation

A career in Animation combines artistry with the latest technology. The Certification in Animation gives you the skills you need to turn your creative ideas into compelling images, capturing the essence of movement to bring characters and scenes to life.

Certification In Performing Arts 

The Acting and Theatre diploma is aimed to prepare students who are interested in acting. With an additional focus on broadening students’ reading, understanding of plays and theatre history, it also prepares students for broader drama degrees and related areas of study and work.

Certification in Sketching and Painting

Refine your technique and express your creative vision with the Sketching and Painting diploma course. Through practical exercises and constructive support, this inspiring correspondence course is designed to build your artistic skills and take your creativity further.