18 Jun

Honours & Awards

At PAF-KIET College of Media & Arts, we have a passion to excel and we compete with our yesterday. Every year, we raise the bar in education, art and creative expression. We are humbled by the recognition we receive which only motivates us to achieve bigger dreams.

2010 Awards

Declamation Contest
We are ruled by Media
Over 30 universities
1st Prize
DHA Women College
Short Film Competition
Over 300 Participants
1st position
LUMS - Lahore
International 3D contest
All over the world
1st position
Documentary Competition
1st prize (1 Million)
HEC & Samaa TV
Tameer Bank Competition
Digital Photography
All over Karachi
1st position
Tameer Bank
Youth Art Exhibition
Graphics Designing, Photography & Drama Theater
All over Karachi
1st position in all
Untitled Youth
Bilingual Declamation Contest
Glorious history never leads to glorious future
More than 60 participants
2nd prize
Dream Vision Forum
2nd Youth Festival
242 entries
3rd position
Untitled Youth
International 3D contest
All over the world
1st position
Youth Optimizing Photo essay
All over Asia
3rd position
United Kingdom
2010 Democracy Video Challenge
Among 89 countries
US Department of States
Declamation Contest
Debate Competitions
78 participants
Among best 6 speakers
Ziauddin University
Declamation Contest
Debate Competitions
26 institutions
Among best 7 speakers
Ziauddin University
All Karachi Bilingual Declamation Contest
Classroom & offices after late night packages
21 Teams(Inter Karachi)
NED University
Film Making Competitions/ Workshop
Filmmaking for Social Change
3 out of 30 students (all over Pakistan)
British Council & London Film Academy

2013 - 2014 Awards

Event Description
Participation/ Awards
Student Society
March 23, 2013
Box Office Hit CMA Annual Event
Event management
Media & Skits Society
June 2013
CMA Champions League Cricket Tournament
Sports Society
December 16, 2013
CMA Induction Seminar
November 3, 2013
Doodle Flux Media Chronicles – Chapter 3
International competition
Media Chronicles
November 25, 2013
KIETMUN Model United Nations Contest
Honourable Mention for Ramsho Afridi
Debates Society
February 7, 2013
DCW-VIII Declamation Contest
Team Trophy First prize – Nabiha Zeeshan (English) First prize – Muhammad Ali (Urdu)
Debates Society
January 28, 2014
DCW-VIII Declamation Contest
Participation Nabiha Zeeshan (English) Muhammad Ali (Urdu)
Debates Society
June 3, 2013
Millennium Mall Exhibition
Stalls by CMA
Archives Society
December, 2013
CMA Project Exhibition
Art display
January 10-12, 2014
ROTSKY Public Speaking Competition
Nabiha Zeeshan as adjudicator
Debates Society
March 8-10, 2014
Cabinet Wars
Tara Alvi, Ayesha Rana, Fatima Azhar participated
Debates Society
March 14, 2014
PAF-KIET Speech Competition
Participation: Mahnoor Munaf, Anas Saleem First Prize: Tooba Tahir
Debates Society
March 21, 2014
International Islamic Calligraphy Competition
First Prize: Syed Muzaffar Moin
Individual Effort
April 4, 2014
Blind Folded Speech Competition at Main Campus
Participation:Mahnoor Munaf First Prize: Tooba Tahir Third Prize: Ramsho Afridi
Debates Society
April 8-9, 2014
NU-FAST Procom 2014
Participation:Mahrukh Mansoor (Poster Design) 1st Prize (Photography) – Mahnoor Munaf 2nd Prize (Sketching) – Ramsho Afridi