Creative Arts & Design

1 year diploma in Creative Arts & Design

A diploma in Creative Arts develops your knowledge and skills in relation to your creative practice. Program is aimed at helping youth, working professionals, local small and medium businesses connect to the Media & Art Industry and to ensure they have the necessary skills and capacity to fully utilize digital tools, innovation principles and business solutions to enable them to improve their productivity, profitability and ability to compete nationally and internationally, where desired.

You will use hands on and visual tools to increase your success in the design world through problem solving, improving visual graphic skills and developing creative ideas. It specializes in design for print and visual design.

Semester I
AR101History of Design
DE1012Basic Design
FA101Still Life Drawing
CA101Digital Drawing & Illustration-1
DE102Color Theory
DE103Packaging Graphics
Semester II
CA201Digital Image Manipulation
CA202Digital Photography
AR202Printing Procedure
DE301Advance Media Concepts-1
DE302Copy Writing

Digital Film Making

1 year diploma in Digital Film Making

Combining the latest digital techniques with traditional film making skills, our 1-year diploma explores a variety of aspects of storytelling for the screen.

A diploma in digital film making may open doors to a professional career as an independent film or video maker. Others with this credential can find work with marketing firms or any industry that produces video to market itself. The list of specialists on television and movie sets is extensive, ranging from boom operators, gaffers, grips, camera operators and set designers to directors and producers.

Semester I
TF304History of TV & Film
AR201Story Boarding
CA303Non-linear Editing
TF305Directing Actors for TV & Film
MM202Music Production
CA202Digital Photography
Semester II
MM302Digital Movie Making
DE303Advance Media Concepts-2
TF301Lighting the Sets
TF302Screenplay & Script Writing
TF303Camera & Space
CA401Video for Visual Effects

Motion Graphics & Animations

1 year diploma in Motion Graphics & Animations

In this diploma, students are taught 2D traditional, 2D digital, 3D digital, and VFX within a span of only one year. Thus, it teaches all the relevant forms of animation so that students can compete for jobs in any of the fields they want to pursue.

Diploma in Motion Graphics & Animation would involve learning about animation and its history in film, motion graphics, and character design. Virtual environments, advanced 3D computer graphics, and FX techniques for television and movies, all centered around digital creation, would be taught in the course using hands-on methods.

Semester I
MM201Introduction to Animation & Multimedia
CA201Digital Image Manipulation
CA303Non-linear Editing
CA2032D Animation
CA3013D Modeling & Animation Techniques
Semester II
CA304Advance 3D Modeling
CA401Video for Visual Effects
CA402Advance Animation Techniques
TF302Cinema 4D
CA202Digital Photography